What to Expect

Firstly…Get in touch!

To find out more information about our services or to book in for an assessment, you may

Call us: (02) 9411 1785
Email us: office@liftoffsll.com.au
or Send an enquiry from the Contact page on this website.

Once you have spoken to a therapist about your queries and concerns, you will be sent an email summarising the conversation and providing further information.

Come in for a consultation and assessment

Once you have booked in for your initial consultation, you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out and return prior to the appointment. It’s also helpful if you can provide us with any previous reports or information about your child so that we can plan the consultation accordingly.

The age of your child and the type of assessment required will determine how long the initial consultation will take (between 1 and 3 hours) and the cost. This will be established at the time of booking. If, for some reason the assessment takes longer than expected or is not fully completed on the day, you will be offered another time to come in to complete the assessment, free of charge.

The cost of the initial consultation includes:

  • Parent interview
  • Assessment completion
  • Discussion of results – partially on the day and then more thoroughly over the phone once the results have been analysed
  • A detailed report (received within two weeks of the initial consultation/assessment date) including a description of the assessments, the results, interpretations and recommendations
  • If therapy is recommended, the development of a support plan and an intervention program specifically tailored to your child’s individual needs

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Coming for Therapy?

You will be allocated a mutually agreed session time that your child will attend each week. Your child will be provided with a folder that contains their individualised program. This program contains therapy activities and materials, goals, data sheets and parent information. You take this home with you each week and bring it in for your therapy sessions so the activities can be worked through and updated. This makes it easy for home practice to occur and for parents (and us!) to monitor progress.

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