Lift Off! Speech Language and Learning is a Speech Pathology Clinic in Chatswood on Sydney’s North Shore. We are highly regarded for our quality therapy programs, family based focus and commitment to enhancing the communication abilities of children.

We provide accessible clinic based speech pathology and occupational therapy services that assist children of all ages (12 months to 17 years) in developing their communication and academic skills. We strive to assist your child in every way possible and offer the highest quality service with individualised attention.

We offer:

  • Full assessment services
  • One on one therapy
  • Group intervention
  • Preschool and school visits to liaise with teachers

At Lift Off, we recognise that no child’s method of learning is the same. Specific assessment and planning facilitates the development of an individualised intervention program, where goals are tailored to assist your child in reaching their potential.

Our holistic approach ensures that our programs support learning across all environments including home and school. We provide your child with the skills to communicate and learn so they can succeed and progress with confidence.

Services and Areas of Focus

What To Expect

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